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Online Round Table: Digitalisation2022-03-22T15:46:28+01:00

Online Round Table: Digitalisation

Date: 10.12.2021
Time: 10:00 - 13:00
Location: online

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Opportunities and risks of digitalisation for German humanitarian actors

As part of the project on Digitalisation & Humanitarian Action, the Centre for Humanitarian Action invites to a confidential online round table discussion. The aim is to identify the most important opportunities and the most pressing risks of digitalisation specifically for German humanitarian actors as well as to highlight the similarities and differences between organisations.

The discussion will take place in a closed session with a maximum of 10 participants. It is primarily open to members of the CHA and is intended to offer them the opportunity to contribute to the development of the CHA digitalisation project and to share their perspective. Neither a technical background nor deep expertise in the field is required. As a basis for discussion, participants will receive a short summary of the main findings of the consultation talks that CHA has held with various humanitarian actors over the past months. In addition, a short online survey will be sent to all participants beforehand, which will serve as a further basis for discussion.

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