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Triple Nexus

Since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, the Triple Nexus has had a high priority in the humanitarian reform debate. The declared goal of the Triple Nexus approach is to improve the linkages between humanitarian aid, development cooperation, and peacebuilding. 

This CHA research project contributes to enriching the predominantly abstract Triple Nexus debate with concrete examples of local practices while looking at it from a humanitarian standpoint. The research results on the Peace Nexus will be made available in the form of country studies, a Nexus publication, and a CHA conference on 26-27 October 2020. The project will be complemented by a Triple Nexus evaluation for the German NGO Welthungerhilfe.

CHA studies Triple Nexus in the Chad Basin



The Centre for Humanitarian Action has been contracted to evaluate the nexus component of Plan International’s Lake Chad Programme Strategy. The project fits into the CHA work focus “Nexus in Practice” and gains insights into the practical implementation and challenges of the Triple Nexus.

Towards a nexus that works? Joining forces in protracted conflicts

17.06.2021 15:00 - 16:30


On 17 June 2021, CHA and ICRC have hosted an online event on the topic of water and sanitation in contexts of crises with linkages to the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus.

Triple Nexus in Mali

The Triple Nexus in Mali: Coordination, Securitisation and Blurred Lines


publicationsThe current situation in Mali – protracted displacement crisis, armed conflict, staggering rates of food insecurity - is a case in point for the problems envisioned to be tackled by the Triple Nexus approach with its primary intention to “leave no one behind” by better aligning humanitarian, development and peace activities. Andrea Steinke, Research Fellow at CHA, also addresses the Malian context as a looking glass for the variety of challenges and dilemmas inscribed into the concept of the Triple Nexus.

The Triple Nexus in Practice: Challenges and Options for Multi-Mandated Organisations


publicationsTo take a strategic decision on the way forward, aid agencies are advised to look into three spaces identified by the CHAvocado model: The organisational internal space, the local civil space, as well as the macro space including international actors. Building on this spatial analysis, this research has identified three options for aid organisations on how to engage in the Triple Nexus: a core approach, a proactive approach, and a criteria-based local approach and their respective pros and cons.

Triple Nexus in Pakistan: Catering to a governmental narrative or enabling independent humanitarian action?


publicationsPakistan – an interesting case to study the so-called Triple Nexus approach, given the country’s frequent exposure to climate-related disasters and to extensive experience in civil-military cooperation. In this paper, CHA Research Fellow Sonja Hövelmann traces contingencies of previous humanitarian interventions in Pakistan and analyses how they shape today’s relations among different stakeholders critical for effective collaboration under a Triple Nexus framework.
Porträt: Abud Tong baut einen Schutz für sich in einem Camp für Intern Vertriebene in Turalei im Südsudan. Die meisten Geflüchtete schlafen ungeschützt unter freiem Himmel oder unter Bäumen.

Triple Nexus in South Sudan: Learning from Local Opportunities


publicationsSouth Sudan is a poignant case study for understanding the opportunities and the more controversial ideas within the Triple Nexus. The characteristics of the protracted crisis in the country, its root causes and the long-standing experience with a pragmatic, integrated approach on community level make the Triple Nexus for local actors an interesting way forward.
header picture of #CHATripleNexus conference

Recordings of #CHATripleNexus conference available now



From 26-27 October 2020, CHA has organised the international conference “Triple Nexus in Practice – What about Peace?”. Here you can revisit the conference or if you missed a particular session, re-watch the video compilation individually.

Marc DuBois

Triple Nexus – Threat or Opportunity for the Humanitarian Principles?


publicationsIn this CHA discussion paper, Marc DuBois outlines the potential for the Triple Nexus to improve the humanitarian sector’s operational impact and its respect for its principles.



publicationsIn CHA's new publication series "... to go", complex topics of humanitarian assistance are explained briefly and easily understandable. In this first issue, the much-discussed and at the same time often vague, undefined Triple Nexus is to be unravelled.

Recording of CHA webinar #TripleNexus online now



The video recording of CHA’s webinar “The Triple Nexus – Threat or Opportunity for the Humanitarian Principles?” from May 14, 2020 is online. Watch it here.

Interview with Dabagaï Dabagaï on the Triple Nexus



Dabagaï Dabagaï, Country Director of Action against Hunger in Mali, explains in this interview why she finds the peace component of the Triple Nexus problematic and how COVID-19 affects her daily work.

"The Triple Nexus highlights many dilemmas of humanitarian action". Interview with Andrea Steinke on the Triple Nexus



In this interview, which is part of the interview series “Faces around CHA”, CHA Research Fellow Andrea Steinke explains what the Triple Nexus is about and what challenges the humanitarian community is facing.

Triple Nexus – a donor-driven dynamic?



Is the Triple Nexus a donor-driven agenda? CHA’s third discussion on the Triple Nexus, which took place on 10 March 2020, in cooperation with VENRO, focused on the European donor landscape. An event review.


Triple Nexus in Mali. An event review.



Everybody is talking about the Triple Nexus. But what exactly does it mean in practice to bring together humanitarian action, development and peace work? On November 28, the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) hosted its second event on this subject. This time, Anaïde Nahikian from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and CHA-Research Fellow Andrea Steinke discussed the case of Mali.

Triple Nexus Welthungerhilfe

CHA wins tender concerning Triple Nexus evaluation



CHA has won a tender from Welthungerhilfe for an evaluation concerning the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus. The evaluation fits into the CHA project “Nexus in Practice” and includes several case studies.

Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus Protokoll

Triple Nexus in Practice: Minutes of the Roundtable



The minutes of the Roundtable discussion about the Triple Nexus (Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus) on 12/06/2019 can be read here.