Recording of CHA webinar #TripleNexus online now2022-03-22T15:56:24+01:00

Recording of CHA webinar #TripleNexus online now

Does the Triple Nexus offer the humanitarian community the opportunity for a long overdue self-reflection and possible reform of the humanitarian principles? Are the risks and compromises associated with joint efforts with peace and development actors too serious for the integrity of humanitarian organisations?

The Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) has hosted a webinar on this topic on May 14, 2020. With almost 200 participants, the online event “The Triple Nexus – Threat or Opportunity for the Humanitarian Principles?” was very well attended.

The webinar was based on a new CHA discussion paper written by Marc DuBois. In the paper, he outlines the potential for the Triple Nexus to improve the humanitarian sector’s operational impact and the respect for its principles. DuBois advocates a people-centred approach, evolving from the first humanitarian principle, humanity. On this basis, he also calls on humanitarian actors to take a closer look at people’s needs, development and peace.

During the webinar, a new CHA survey on the Triple Nexus was presented. Do you work for a humanitarian and/or development organisation? Then please participate and share the link within your organisation.

Panelists were:

  • Marc DuBois (Consultant, Senior Fellow at SOAS, ex-Director MSF-UK, London)
  • Dabagaï Dabagaï (Country Director, Action Contre la Faim, ACF Mali, Bamako)
  • Christian M. Huber (Advisor for Humanitarian Affairs/IHL, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Berlin)
  • Moderation: Dr Andrea Steinke (Research Fellow, Centre for Humanitarian Action, Berlin)

The webinar has been recorded and can be accessed here:

CHA’s discussion paper authored by Marc DuBois The Triple Nexus – Threat or Opportunity for the Humanitarian Principles? is available for download here.

The Triple Nexus explained: Read the CHA publication TRIPLE NEXUS to go.

CHA is organising a Triple Nexus conference in Berlin on October 26-27, 2020. More details will follow soon.