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Anti-Racism Forum (ARA)

Due to the continuing interest in an inter-organisational exchange on the topic of anti-racism in humanitarian aid, CHA initiated an Anti-Racism Forum (ARA) for staff from German aid organisations in 2021.

As a flexible cross-organisational exchange and learning platform, it is intended to provide a safe space in which staff from German aid organisations can share issues related to anti-racism, exchange experiences and knowledge, and discuss new ideas and approaches on an ongoing basis and without much bureaucracy.

The forum offers the following exchange opportunities:

  • Continuous online meetings for interested people – without fixed membership and regularity – in which input speakers share topics, ideas, approaches, questions, etc., which are then discussed together.
  • For each meeting an individual preparatory group takes care of the organisation and content of the meeting. The group sets a date, designs the agenda, prepares inputs and sends out invitations to the mailing list. The CHA assists with the organisation and invitation management.
  • After each meeting, a new preparatory group for the next meeting is constituted according to the “fish bowl” principle, so that the organisation and content rotates according to individual needs and capacities in the forum.
  • For better coordination and overview, all information is shared with the group via its own mailing list.
  • The CHA provides an online repository where literature and other shared content is collected, learnings are recorded and topics are collected with the help of an online topic board. We use Slack for this purpose. A separate email for the use of Slack will be sent with the registration for the distribution list (please also check the spam/junk folder if necessary).

If you would also like to become part of the ARA Forum, please register using the form below. We look forward to new members and a fruitful exchange!

Questions, comments, suggestions for the ARA Forum? Write to us at

Goda Milasiute at the #teamDiversity Meeting



Why is gender-just language also important for think tanks? CHA researcher Goda Milasiute explains at the next #teamDiversity meeting on 17 January.

Humanitarian action needs more care



Most of the world’s humanitarian workers are not white, male and Western. The international system needs to reflect this – with a culture of care at its core.

CHAtroom#12: Anti-Racism in humanitarian organisations in Germany



How does racism manifest itself in humanitarian organisations in Germany? How do organisations address the issue? Nezahat Xuereb, co-founder of the “BIPoC Network in Development and Humanitarian NGOs” is our guest in the CHAtroom.

Fifth Meeting of the ARA Forum

30.11.2022 11:00 - 13:00


All members of the Anti-Racism Forum, as well as any new interested participants, are invited to our first meeting in the new format of the ARA Forum.

Stammtisch meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum

01.09.2022 17:30 - 21:00


It is time to reflect and further develop our anti-racism forum. Therefore, we cordially invite all ARA members and all interested to a Stammtisch meeting in Berlin.

Third Meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum

03.03.2022 10:00 - 12:30


The Anti-Racism Forum (ARA) will meet for the third time on 3 March 2022. In the third meeting, the exchange will be continued on the topic of decolonisation and racism and the perspective will be put on the entire aid system as part of the international power system.

Second Meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum

15.12.2021 10:00 - 12:00


The Anti-Racism Forum ( ARA) will meet for the second time on 15 December 2021. Topic: anti-racist communication in humanitarian organisations.

Humanitarian Action and Coloniality - Session 1: Afghanistan

28.10.2021 17:00 - 18:00


Kick-off event of the new CHA event series on colonial continuities in humanitarian action. In the first session, Prof. Teresa Koloma Beck (Helmut Schmidt Uni Hamburg) and Karsten Noko (MSF) will discuss the example Afghanistan.

First meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum



The Anti-Racism Forum will meet for the first time on 8 September 2021. The objective of the meeting in September is to get to know each other and to have a first exchange about perceptions of racism and anti-racism in our organisational environment.

CHAtroom #4: Decolonisation



Why he has been carrying a photo of Che Guevara in his wallet since he was 15, how the decolonisation agenda can be more than just an empty promise and why every voice is a “legitimate voice” is revealed by former MSF staff member and the new Director of the Global Health Centre Tammam Aloudat in the fourth episode of our CHAtroom. The episode is available in English. Listen and share!

CHA initiates Anti-Racism Forum



CHA is launching an Anti-Racism Forum. The aim: cross-organisational exchange and joint learning on the topic of anti-racism for staff from German aid organisations. Subscribe to our mailing list now and join in!