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Third Meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum2022-04-13T17:42:15+02:00

Third Meeting of the Anti-Racism Forum

Date: 03.03.2022
Time: 10:00 - 12:30
Location: Online via Zoom

This event has passed.

The Anti-Racism Forum (ARA) will meet for the third time on 3 March 2022. The focus of the second ARA Forum in December was the topic of anti-racist communication in humanitarian organisations. In the third meeting at the beginning of March, the exchange will be continued on the topic of decolonisation and racism and the perspective will be put on the entire aid system as part of the international power system.

In line with this, Rainer Lucht, who worked for almost forty years in various public institutions and aid organisations in Germany and abroad, is presenting an opinion piece. He critically examines the role, effects and influence of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and aid agencies in the context of colonialism and neo-colonialism. He also evaluates his involvement, experiences and positions in retrospect.

If you work for/at a humanitarian organisation with offices in Germany and would like to exchange experiences on racism and anti-racism in your own organisation, meetings of the Anti-Racism Forum are the right place for you. As a flexible cross-organisational exchange and learning platform, it aims to provide a protected space where staff of German aid organisations can continuously share questions on anti-racism with each other, exchange experiences and knowledge and discuss new ideas and approaches without much formality. Interested, but not yet a member of the forum? Register here:

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