Sonja Hövelmann at VSF international

On 18 April 2024 Sonja Hövelmann will give an input on “The future of international cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance? What NGO’s do we need in 5-10 years?” at the global strategy meeting of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières.

DRC is CHA endorsing partner

Since April 2024 the Danish Refugee Council is an official supporting partner organisation of CHA e.V.

Darina Pellowska on MzN international podcast

In “Chasing Impact – The MzN International Podcast” Darina Pellowska outlines the possibilities for equitable partnership in humanitarian project management.

Ralf Südhoff - CHA Director

Ralf Südhoff in the news on European coordination of humanitarian action

During the European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels, several interviews and guest articles were published on the topic of better cooperation between European actors.

Andrea Steinke on Haiti in German radio SR 2 and ntv podcast

Dr Andrea Steinke about the current escalation in Haiti on German radio SR 2 and ntv.