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Humanitarian Smugglers? The EU Facilitation Directive and the Criminalisation of Civil Society

by Laura Schack (31. July 2020)

Humanitarian actors are increasingly facing accusations and charges of migrant smuggling. In this blog post, Laura Schack analyses the Facilitation Directive, the EU’s legal framework for tackling human smuggling and the basis of criminal charges laid against humanitarian actors.

The Politicised and Criminalised Contexts of Counterterrorism

by Charlotte Faltas (6. July 2020)

For several years now, the work of humanitarian aid workers has been increasingly criminalised by restrictive laws and measures on counterterrorism. In this blog, Charlotte Faltas looks at the effects that are to be feared – and what can be done about it.

There should be no “post-Corona”

by Ole Hengelbrock (19. May 2020)

Corona measures must be designed more locally and be more accountable, says Ole Hengelbrock of Caritas international. In this blog post he explains to what extent the Corona pandemic poses new challenges for humanitarian aid and why there should be no “post-Corona”.

Germany: Global Player without strategy

by Ralf Südhoff (7. April 2020)

The German Federal Foreign Office is currently celebrating its 150th anniversary. It is not only because of the pandemic that it faces enormous challenges. A blog post by CHA Director Ralf Südhoff.

#COVID-19 and its impact on migration

by Dr Kristin Bergtora Sandvik/ Dr Adele Garnier (31. March 2020)

How will the COVID-19 pandemic reshape refugee and migration governance? First observations by Dr Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Dr Adele Garnier.