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Humanitarian Action of the United Nations - to go


Humanitarian assistance is a core task of the United Nations. In this To Go paper, Sonja Hövelmann explains UN actors, their tasks, funding and challenges. [German]



In CHA's new publication series "... to go", complex topics of humanitarian assistance are explained briefly and easily understandable. In this first issue, the much-discussed and at the same time often vague, undefined Triple Nexus is to be unravelled.

Understanding counterterrorism and humanitarian action TO GO


Since 9/11, sanctions and so-called counter-terrorism measures have increased. This also makes the work of humanitarian aid workers more difficult. Former CHA intern Charlotte Faltas explains what counter-terrorism measures are all about and how they collide with humanitarian action in a new paper in the publication series "Humanitarian topics explained ... to go".

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Offers for universities

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