CHAtroom#12: Anti-Racism in humanitarian organisations in Germany2023-02-15T12:05:08+01:00

CHAtroom#12: Anti-Racism in humanitarian organisations in Germany

How does racism manifest itself in humanitarian organisations in Germany? How do organisations address the issue? What are the major obstacles in anti-racism work – and what are useful first steps? Last, not least: What can, what should you do as a colleague when you witness racism? These are the questions we ask Nezahat Xuereb, co-founder of the BIPoC Network in Development and Humanitarian NGOs, in this CHAtroom episode. [German]

Show Notes:

Nezahat Xuereb has ten years of professional experience in the humanitarian sector, including at Oxfam, where she worked in fundraising and was also a member of an anti-racism working group. She is also a diversity trainer and co-founded the BiPoc network of development and humanitarian NGOs in Germany about a year ago.


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