BIPoC network in development and humanitarian NGOs2022-12-12T15:05:35+01:00

BIPoC network in development and humanitarian NGOs

This call for a BIPoC network comes from Nezahat Xuereb and Cinthia Stein and is shared by CHA here.

Development and humanitarian organisations in Germany are consistently very white, although it is an internationally oriented sector. It is not always easy for non-whites to work in these structures.

We would like to build up a BIPoC network that will enable direct and cross-organisational exchange with each other in order to talk about our specific concerns. It does not matter how long you have been working in the NGO sector and in which field of work or position you are active.

You are a BIPoC, work in this sector and want to exchange with other BIPoC colleagues in a self-organised and self-determined way?

Get in touch with the coordination team via