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Thinking and Implementing Anti-Racism in Aid Organisations2022-03-22T16:08:20+01:00

Thinking and Implementing Anti-Racism in Aid Organisations

Date: 10.11.2020
Time: 10:30 - 18:00
Location: Berlin

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The Centre for Social Inclusion Migration and Participation (ZSIMT) and the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) would like to invite employees of German aid organisations to discuss racism in humanitarian aid in a professionally moderated reflection event.

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Moderated reflection workshop: 

Thinking and implementing anti-racism in aid organisations 

When? 10 November 2020, 10:30 to 18:00 CET

Where? Berlin, the exact venue will be announced later. If the COVID-19 regulations do not allow for an event in presence, the event will be held online.

Who? Diversity and anti-racism representatives, focal points and multipliers on anti-discrimination/ anti-racism/ intersectionality – and those who want to become such. All interested persons are welcome – regardless of their specific position in the individual organisations. The number of participants is limited, maximum two persons from the same organisation can join.

Moderation? Anti-Racism trainers Dr. Mariame Sow and Constanze Schwärzer-Dutta

Goal? Joint exchange and cross-organisational mutual learning on the topic of racism in humanitarian aid organisations.


  • Reflecting and defining: Personal and institutional racism
  • Input by Dr. Mariame Sow: As a black woman and expert in German development cooperation
  • Exchange of experiences: In which ways is racism and anti-racism reflected among participants and in their organisations? What goes well? Where are the challenges?

Participation fee? The CHA covers the largest part of the costs for the reflection workshop. We ask for a contribution of 50 € per participant*in.

An invitation with further information on registration will follow shortly.

However, we would be pleased if you could already indicate your interest in participating at the workshop by sending a mail to info@chaberlin.org