Ralf Südhoff at HDP Conference2024-02-02T14:45:12+01:00

Ralf Südhoff at HDP Conference

On 16 January, Ralf Südhoff will speak at the HDP Conference of the Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies (bicc) on Panel 2 on the topic “Are there conditions under which the HDP should not be implemented?”

The conference will bring together (I)NGO staff and academics to share and discuss their analyses of the conceptualisation and implementation of the HDP. Panel 2 raises the question of whether the HDP may not always be suited to serve those in need in a given context and whether red flags can be identified when this is the case. Drawing on the cases of Iraq, Mali and South Sudan key insights will be provided and it will be discussed under which conditions it is advisable to (not) use the HDP and the types of peacebuilding activities that are appropriate in a particular context.