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Out of the box: Strategy Snacks 3

Date: 15.11.2023
Time: 12:00 - 13:15
Location: Zoom

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Germany’s upcoming humanitarian strategy and Humanitarian Diplomacy

Germany’s role as a humanitarian donor has grown enormously in recent years. In order to be able to do justice to this role in terms of concept, the Federal Foreign Office adopted a revised humanitarian strategy in 2019.
This will expire at the end of the year and the Federal Foreign Office is currently developing a new strategy that will be applicable from 2024.

As in the previous strategy, in the upcoming renewed version (2024-2027), the German Federal Foreign Office will likely place humanitarian diplomacy as a central pillar of its diplomatic engagement as a donor. This provides an apt moment, to reconsider Germany’s engagement as the second largest donor in terms of humanitarian diplomacy.
What are the international expectations Germany is facing?
What can be learned from past efforts, and from other donors?
Beyond the high-level engagement, what opportunities for humanitarian state diplomacy are there on the country level?

On 15 November from 12:00 to 13:00 CET, CHA Research Fellow Sonja Hövelmann discussed aspects of humanitarian diplomacy with:

  • Manuel Sánchez-Montero, ACF Spain and former Spanish Humanitarian division Director, who participated in advising the humanitarian diplomacy strategy process.
  • Emma Beals, independent consultant, non-resident fellow at Middle East Institute, senior advisor at European Institute of Peace.
  • Federico Dessi, Handicap International Regional Director for Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.

Response: Helge Holleck, Deputy Head of Division – Humanitarian Assistance and International Disaster Response, German Federal Foreign Office

The event is part 3 of our online event series “Out of the box”, which we envision as an informal learning and exchange format in the spirit of brown bag meetings.
In these rather informal and short online discussions as well as with a series of blog articles, we want to contribute German and international perspectives to the ongoing process of Germany’s strategy development and implementation.

Format: Zoom Meeting
Language: English

Find the recording of the event embedded below or directly on Youtube: