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CHAtroom #9: Greening Aid

The consequences of climate change pose ever greater challenges to the humanitarian system – at the same time humanitarian aid itself is also responsible for environmental impacts. So there is a certain obligation to change humanitarian action in this respect. We talk about this in CHAtroom #9 with Véronique de Geoffroy, Director of Groupe URD, which has established a leading network on “Greening Aid” in France.

Show Notes:

Véronique de Geoffroy is Executive Director of Groupe URD in France, one of the leading humanitarian think tanks. She has worked in the humanitarian sector for 25 years and founded a network of NGOs committed to measuring the environmental impact of their actions and reducing their carbon footprint.


“The main tragedy of the response to the climate crisis is the failure to take responsibility.”

“In the humanitarian sector it would be a mistake to wait for the donors to do things and to change.[…] For some changes there is a need for more funds, but other changes will increase savings. So it is not only a question of funding.”

“Assess your own areas of responsibility as a humanitarian organisation: Which are areas for potential action? And then commit for change, firstly on what is needed, and then on what is possible and acceptable.”

“Set targets, start to measure and communicate about what you do, to ensure that there will be accountability.”


Twitter: @GroupeURD @vdegeoffroy

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