CHA at the Human Rights Film Festival and Forum2021-09-15T14:00:56+02:00

CHA at the Human Rights Film Festival and Forum

Under the theme “The Art of Change” the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB) will take place from 16 to 25 September 2021 as a hybrid on- & offline festival. The stories of activists, human rights defenders and humanitarian aid workers are at the heart of the fourth festival edition.
In addition, the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin is inviting storytellers to attend the Human Rights Forum from 20 to 23 September 2021, a four-day international and transdisciplinary conference on storytelling, human rights and activism.

As a Forum Partner, the CHA is involved in four events:

On 17 September, we will show the film THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND together with Aktion gegen den Hunger. The audience discussion with Khadidja Benouataf and Dr. Kira Vinkeie afterwards will be moderated by Andrea Steinke.

On 19 September, Darina Pellowska will discuss the challenges and current reform developments in international humanitarian assistance in a first workshop: Covid-19, Climate Change, Conflict & Displacement – Digitalisation, Participation, Networking & Anticipatory Action.

On 21 September, a workshop with input from Ralf Südhoff will focus on humanitarian journalism. The objective is to gain a better understanding of humanitarian aid and reporting in crisis regions.

On 22 September we will show the film THE LAST SHELTER as a Berlin premiere. The panel discussion afterwards will be moderated by Sonja Hövelmann.

There will also be several live talks with members of the Bundestag on Twitter, e.g. Margarete Bause on Sunday 19 September at 3pm, Gyde Jensen on Tuesday 21 September at 11am – hosted by Ralf Südhoff – and Zaklin Nastic on Wednesday 22 September at 11am.