CHA launches SPreAD project2021-09-23T12:35:06+02:00

CHA launches SPreAD project

Since July 2021, CHA has been working on the project “Strengthening Programme and Policy Relevant Capabilities of Humanitarian Actors in Germany (SPreAD)”, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Through networking, analysis and learning in the areas of European coordination, digitalisation and localisation, humanitarian actors are to be empowered to meet the increasing needs and challenges of humanitarian aid.

The project will be implemented until summer 2023 and consists of three components:

The project component European Coordination aims at better linked and coordinated German and European policy capacities of civil and public actors. It seeks to create a space for non-institutional and informal dialogue and for joining efforts based on synergies and complementarities to reform and further develop international humanitarian aid. 

In the field of humanitarian digitalisation, influential actors at the international level are already making significant progress regarding the efficiency of aid operations. However, critics highlight a lacking balance between the potential of digitalisation and the participation and personal rights of those affected. The Digitalisation project component aims to increase German policy contributions in the humanitarian digitalisation debate as well as the capacities of German aid organisations in this field.

The project component Localisation supports German aid organisations and their local operational partners in implementing the localisation agenda. Obstacles in the implementation of localised management processes and structures and a more equitable distribution of risks are to be analysed in a participatory manner and mechanisms for overcoming them to be worked out.