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European Network of Humanitarian Thinktanks

As part of the SPreAD Europe project, the CHA has initiated a network of humanitarian thinktanks in Europe:

The humanitarian think tank network “HuT” is an informal partnership of independent European humanitarian think tanks. It was founded against the backdrop of consistent reform deficits in international humanitarian policies and practices and in light of the crucial role European donor governments need to play to ensure humanitarian space and reform.

Its objective is to jointly improve humanitarian policies and practices in response to crisis. It aims at enhancing the impact of engaged think tanks by increasing cross-national collaboration to pursue synergies, exchange know-how and expertise, cooperate in thematic areas of joint interest, avoid duplications and work jointly on the strategic advancement of our think tanks in an increasingly complex humanitarian context.

Currently, the network primarily focuses on European members and policies but is also open to engaging in thematic collaborations with non-European partners.  

In March 2022, leading thinktanks from Europe met at the invitation of the CHA for a first workshop in Berlin and discussed possible future cooperation on topics such as climate change and humanitarian change, the need for reform in humanitarian coordination and the challenges of nexus approaches in practice. At a meeting in Madrid in May, the participating thinktanks, including Groupe URD from France, HERE from Switzerland,  KUNO from the Netherlands, HPG/ODI from UK and IECAH from Spain, besides CHA, have now adopted basic principles for cooperation.

Find more information about the HuT network here in English and here in French.

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