Report launch at the European Parliament2023-12-13T17:05:06+01:00

Report launch at the European Parliament

On 5 December, the report “Unfulfilled Promises” for Caritas Europa was presented in the European Parliament. The presentation was attended by notable figures, including the head of DG ECHO, Maciej Popowski, and representatives from the German Federal Foreign Office. This report delves into an examination of the ten largest donor countries and the ten largest aid organisations, assessing their support for locally led humanitarian action. The ranking, based on a completely new localisation index, clearly shows just how far international actors are falling short of their promises. Even the highest performers on the list scored only around 60 out of 100 points on our index. Also, you may be surprised to see who tops the rankings. This event was covered by media outlets such as devex and Katholische Nachrichten Agentur.