Staff changes at CHA2024-06-27T14:10:19+02:00

Staff changes at CHA

This summer sees some personnel changes at CHA: CHA seconds Sonja Hövelmann, board officer and research fellow, to the Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF), which sends her for a couple of months to Mozambique for an assignment with the UNHCR. The secondment at her own request will enable Sonja to expand her operational experience. She will return to CHA on 1 December 2024. During this time, she will be replaced in her board duties by Johanna Fipp, who will be working part-time for CHA in future, and by CHA admin officer Jana Degebrodt, whose position will be increased. In the research area, Sonja will be represented by Ralf Südhoff as well as by research fellow Goda Milasiute, whose position will be increased and who will also coordinate the CHA’s third-party fundraising activities in future. She will take over the latter task from the previous research fellow Andrea Steinke, who will be working for CHA on a freelance basis from 1 July. Iida-Maria Tammi, who has been working full-time at CHA as a Visiting Scholar since January of this year and is responsible for the “Humanitarian Climate Politics” project, will coordinate her focus topic of climate change and humanitarian change. Meanwhile, our previous research assistant Micha Knispel is starting his career after completing his Master’s thesis and has accepted a position at adelphi.