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Validation Workshop of the Narratives Project2023-05-19T17:23:07+02:00

Validation Workshop of the Narratives Project

Date: 25.05.2023
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Berlin

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The project explores the role of narratives in the rise of Germany as a humanitarian donor: How are narratives constructed, how do they change over time and what is the process through which they shape policy decisions?

During the workshop we will present early analysis and preliminary findings to a group of selected experts from humanitarian organisations, donor and media, to get their feedback and brainstorm on possible lessons learned and recommendations that result out of the research.

Participation is invite-only.

The project is part of the research project “Remaking Aid: ethics, politics, and narratives” by the HPG at ODI and will be conducted in cooperation with independent consultant Corinna Kreidler,

For further information contact: Sonja Hövelmann.