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Workshop: Climate change and humanitarian challenges – norms, mandates, operations2023-03-13T13:43:58+01:00

Workshop: Climate change and humanitarian challenges – norms, mandates, operations

Date: 30.03.2023
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Location: Online via Zoom

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the humanitarian system is facing at present and it will continue to affect the quantity of need and the ways of working even more so in the future.

In light of the adverse negative effects of climate change projected to cascade into all sectors of society around the globe, the already overburdened and underfinanced humanitarian sector is not fit for purpose to meet the challenges ahead. To be prepared and to anticipate future crisis scenarios and think of constructive ways to meet these challenges is key for the humanitarian future.

The workshop aims to facilitate a discussion about the effects of climate change on the humanitarian sector in the three thematic areas: norms & principles, mandates and operations. It seeks to provide the opportunity for humanitarian organisations to share their feedback, experiences and challenges and to inform further CHA research in the area. A CHA discussion paper on the topic will provide the basis for the debate and the ways forward.

This workshop is by invitation only.
If interested please contact info@chaberlin.org