Andrea Düchting at the Humanitarian Futures Conference2023-06-05T14:41:10+02:00

Andrea Düchting at the Humanitarian Futures Conference

On 8 June, Andrea Düchting will present her paper Digital Accountability – The untapped potential of participation when using digital technologies in humanitarian action at the Humanitarian Futures 2023 Conference in Oslo.

The conference, organised by the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies (NCHS), focuses on changes and developments in the humanitarian sector with regard to new risks, ideals and practices. This includes the use of digital technologies and the opportunities and risks they bring. Andrea will discuss with colleagues from the Universities of Copenhagen, Oslo and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), among others, the importance of user-centric design with local actors and the need for increased accountability to affected people.

The conference connects scholars from different disciplines with a broad public and will also be streamed online via youtube. Click here for the registration form and streaming link.