CHAtroom #2 – what next for Syria?2021-04-27T13:43:48+02:00

CHAtroom #2 – what next for Syria?

COVID-19, climate change, racism, more and more people in need – humanitarian aid is facing major challenges. In the new CHA podcast CHAtroom, practitioners from the humanitarian aid sector speak out and testify how they engage.

In the second episode of CHAtroom, Lena Schellhammer from the Syrian NGO Maram Foundation is our guest. Lena explains what fatal consequences counter-terrorism laws have for aid in Syria, why she focuses on a “Breaking the Silence” in her new CHA Paper and what her everyday work in the Syrian border area is like.

Lena Schellhammer’s recently published CHA paper “Breaking the Silence” is based on her Master’s thesis and her own research findings and was written independently of her work at the Maram Foundation.

This episode has been recorded in German.

Show notes/ further information: