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Counterterrorism laws and sanctions regime

In cooperation with Action contre la Faim (ACF), the Centre of Humanitarian Action (CHA) organised a round table on the subject:

Counterterrorism laws and Sanctions Regime – humanitarian implications in practice, donor analysis and experiences from project work

The event consisted of two parts: Firstly, aid organisations reported on their practical work, including the ACF Country Director from Palestine, NRC from Syria and Kenya and Handicap International from their cooperation experiences with donors such as France and Germany.

In the second part ACF presented a previously unpublished study on the analysis of counterterrorism legislation of international donors and its humanitarian impact. The study can now be downloaded here.

On the basis of the study, a confidential exchange of experiences took place in the second part of the event, which also included options for a common approach and possible common ‘red lines’ in the work on site and with potential donors. A smaller group of participating organisations then joined forces to record the results of the event and the corresponding expectations and conclusions for German and international donors. These will be discussed with counterparts on the part of the Federal Government in the following joint meetings. Relevant political steps will be discussed.

Following the round table, ACF gave all participants the opportunity to take part in the sold-out opening event of the Human Rights Film Festival at Kino International.

The event took place as part of the CHA project “Shrinking Humanitarian Space“.

The Counter-terrorism policy and practice review report by ACF and the Université Concordia has been published in December 2018.

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