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Darina Pellowska in Leadership Lab Podcast

As a follow-up to the Berlin Thought Leadership Lab, the event organised by the Global Executive Leadership Initiative (GELI) and the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) for an exchange for German leaders in humanitarian aid, GELI has published the podcast series The Leadership Lab.

Through the eyes of six leaders, researchers and practitioners, the podcast looks at emerging leadership challenges & opportunities within the humanitarian and development sector based on field-driven research conducted over the last few months.

Darina Pellowska, researcher at CHA and leader of the research project “Identifying and overcoming localisation barriers in project management and risk transfer” highlights the aspect of localisation in the third episode of the podcast “Leading Through Localisation”.

The podcast is available on SpotifyApple podcasts, and Google podcasts 

Episode 1: Kate Gilmore, Leading with courage

Episode 2: John Mitchell, Leading through learning

Episode 3: Darina Pellowska, Leading localisation

Episode 4: Ed Schenkenberg, Leading better together

Episode 5: Gemma Davies & Mark Bowden, Leading for protection

Episode 6: Michael Koehler, Leading through systems

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