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Arvid Radsey

Title: Communications and Administration Officer

Arvid Radsey is a communications and administration officer at the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA).

Prior to joining CHA, Arvid worked in the administration of the Berlin office of the World Food Programme (WFP). In September 2016, he gained field experience with WFP in Haiti as a Carlo-Schmid-Fellow (German Academic Exchange Service). During Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response Operation, which started one month later, he helped WFP’s logistics cluster to coordinate the relief supplies of 25 other aid organisations and assisted in the civil-military cooperation with US troops.

Arvid holds a master’s degree in International Development from the University of Vienna and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR). He is interested in global food security and the role of the private sector in humanitarian action and development cooperation (e.g. in Kosovo and Haiti).

Arvid speaks German, English and French.