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CHA Annual Conference 2022: Where is the Humanitarian Turning Point?2022-09-07T13:03:39+02:00

CHA Annual Conference 2022: Where is the Humanitarian Turning Point?

Date: 23.11.2022 - 24.11.2022
Time: all-day
Location: Berlin and online

The ‘Zeitenwende’ debate, humanitarian priorities and European responsibilities

The war in Ukraine has initiated a fundamental change in central policy areas such as foreign, security and energy policy. Nationally and internationally, there is thus discussion of a political “new era” and a “turning point”. But why has this development so far not applied to the financing, reform and coordination of humanitarian action?

Despite new and substantially increased humanitarian challenges due to the war in Ukraine and a persistent reform backlog in the humanitarian system, a “humanitarian turning point” has not yet been reached in central fields. This applies to the lack of funding and localisation of aid, its fundamental challenges in the context of climate change and humanitarian change, as well as its gender and digitalisation dimensions.

Is it time for a „humanitarian Zeitenwende”, and what elements would be essential for this? Which factors and interests have prevented it so far? And which actors in Germany, Europe and beyond would be responsible for and could drive fundamental humanitarian change?