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Attack on civil society?2020-09-02T18:33:33+02:00

Attack on civil society?

Date: 09.09.2020
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Location: online

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Maecenata Foundation invites you to an online discussion on September 09, 2020:

Attack on civil society? The Shrinking Civic Space for civil society actors in Germany

In many countries, state repressions against civil society actors are increasing – the so-called “NGO laws” impose registration requirements, restrictions on funding, strong surveillance, and restrictions on civil rights, as well as physical or psychological attacks on activists.

Civil society, which often exercises important control and articulation functions, is thus limited in its capacity to act. Germany, it seems, still represents an island of the blessed in comparison with other countries.

The Civicus Monitor, an initiative for the global measurement of the freedom of national civil societies, categorizes German civil society as free; and the framework conditions in this country, for example in civic engagement or donations, are good. And yet there are increasing signs that the scope for action of civil society actors in Germany is contested by various forces. Political engagement outside the parties is made more difficult, aid workers are harassed and stigmatized, and reforms are delayed.

With the help of inputs regarding the problematics of political activism in the non-profit sector, the (current) restrictions on civil liberties in Germany, and the restrictions on humanitarian aid workers, the online event will shed light on various facets of the problem. We invite you to join us in a discussion on threats to civil society engagement in Germany as well as the possible means of resistance.

CHA research fellow Sonja Hövelmann is a panelist.

Please register at lp@maecenata.eu.

Further information can be found here.