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Workshop: German Humanitarian Aid after the Federal Election2022-06-17T13:52:38+02:00

Workshop: German Humanitarian Aid after the Federal Election

Date: 14.09.2021
Time: 09:00 - 16:30
Location: Berlin Mitte

This event has passed.

The International Rescue Committee and the Centre for Humanitarian Action invited to

The Future of German Humanitarian Aid after the Federal Election:
Facilitated Foresight Workshop

With the Bundestag elections, a change of policy was also conceivable in the field of German foreign policy. Based on four scenarios for future humanitarian aid from Germany, developed in advance with input from participants and experts, we wanted to explore what impact this may have on German humanitarian aid and how humanitarian actors can (jointly) respond to it.

Format and scope
One-day facilitated scenario workshop using Foresight and Futurist methodology, primarily targeting civil society humanitarian actors.
Preparation phase: approximately 2h to complete a survey.
Follow-up phase, if applicable: approximately 1h to comment on the documentation.

Participation was free of charge and by invitation only.

You can download a documentation of the contents developed in the workshop [German]: