New CHA Supervisory Board2024-06-27T14:10:43+02:00

New CHA Supervisory Board

According to the CHA statutes, the members of the Supervisory Board must be re-elected at the end of the first three-year term of office. At the General Assembly on 20 June 2024, Lara Dovifat, Doctors Without Borders, and Philipp Paust were confirmed. Lena Bledau from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe handed over her office to Claudia Puschner, Head Technical Unit. Gernot Ritthaler, Coordinator Humanitarian Assistance, took over from Oliver Müller from Caritas Germany. The German Red Cross is now represented by Christian Höhrl, Team Leader Planning & Risk Management, in place of Christof Johnen. A big thank you to all departing Supervisory Board members!