WDR Monitor: Afghanistan2022-03-04T11:15:38+01:00

WDR Monitor: Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a humanitarian disaster. 23 million people are threatened by extreme hunger. The economy has collapsed. The plight of the people in Afghanistan is also the result of Western sanctions: Because the Taliban have been considered a terrorist organisation, they may not be supported – there is a threat of punishment. For fear of this, banks refused to transfer money to Afghanistan for a long time after the Taliban came to power – even urgently needed aid money. In the meantime, exceptions to the sanctions have been decided so that at least money for humanitarian action can be transferred. But in practice, the money still hardly arrives on the ground. The poorest people in the country suffer the most.

In this report Monitor reporter Andreas Maus talks to CHA Director Ralf Südhoff and others about what needs to be done.